Privacy Policy

Data Protection Policy Statement – updated in Line with GDPR

  • Nikki Jackson (known as the therapist) is registered with the Information Commissioners Office and will remain so.
  • I give permission to the therapist to keep a record of any personal information (known as “Special category data”) as well as any other data that is relevant to the purpose of counselling, therapy or associated services offered.
  • The Therapist is required by professional standards to have a professional clinical supervisor for work. No identifiable information is shared with the Supervisor. Both the Therapist and his Supervisor are both members of a Professional Association with an enforceable code of ethics.
  • In the event of your therapist’s death, or incapacity, your therapist will have written a ‘Clinical Will’ which will let a Clinical Executor have access to basic contact information to tell you what has happened. The Clinical Executor does not have access to your case notes, which will be securely destroyed.

There are circumstances when the law requires that I breach our confidentiality agreement to:

  • Prevent a death
  • Safeguard children or vulnerable persons when abuse is suspected – The Children’s Act
  • Prevent of assist in the detection of crime including the Prevention of Terrorism Act
  • To honour the requests of HM Courts
  • Acts of money laundering

The Therapist will store their records as follows:

1. normally three years from the end of working with you

2. this may be longer if you and your therapist both agree – if so your therapist will ask you to sign a new consent form

3. HMRC requires your therapist to keep accounts information for six years, plus the current tax year, so up to seven in total.

The rights you have under Data Protection law:

1. to access a copy of your records and have an explanation of your personal data;

2. to request correction or erasure;

3. in certain circumstances to request limiting or ceasing data processing.

I agree to my records being kept in the manner described above

Our website address is:

Nikki Jackson

Thame, Oxfordshire

Mobile: 07376 339868